Catch Us If You Can – Answers

Using details from the novel you have studied, • describe a close relationship between two characters • explain why you would consider them to be very close Support your answer with close reference to the text. GUIDELINES • Name the novel and the author that you have chosen • Choose and write the names of…

The Curse – Sample Answer SPM 1119

Answering Tips – The Curse * I believe most students have read and some might have memorized notes to answer the novel section. Remember to always give your own opinions why certain events or incidents really matter. React to the story. Show that you really understand the importance of the elements you have chosen as…


hello everyone. I am going to permanently stay here. You will be meeting me more often. I’ve come back for good.

The Reds

RHB-Star Mighty Minds National Challenge 2013 It was an eye opener. Try again next year!!

Poetic devices

Term Meaning Example alliteration repetition of the initial consonant sounds terrible truths and lullaby lies assonance repetition of vowel sound mystery disguised within consonance repetition of consonant sounds, but not vowel sounds gloomy woman imagery language that evokes sensory images drip of ruby teardrops (aural/sound) to wake up where the green grass grows (visual/sight) lips like cool sweet tea (oral/taste) streaming through a velvet…