archI’ve been an English Language teacher since 1999. This is more about sharing a bit of my knowledge with you. I am still learning as well. Contact me at

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  1. Kiel Liew says:

    teacher,can i get the poem of He Had Such a Quiet Eyes with the exerxise and answer?

    1. cikgu maia says:

      i might be able to do that.

  2. Ellyza Mustaffa says:

    Dear Maia,
    I am an english teacher in hulu langat. We are not reading ‘the curse here but ‘step by wicked step’. Im planning to teach my students ‘the curse’ next year as i find that this story is easier to understand and not so confusing for my students’ level, plus, it has the local setting and characters names. I surfed through the net and came across ur blog. I found that ur notes and sample answers to be very helpful for me in preparing materials for my students. I would like to ask for ur permission to use some of ur notes and sample Q & A forthat purpose. Credit will be given to u of course.

    Miz Elly
    Hulu Langat, Selangor.

    1. cikgu maia says:

      the purpose is for sharing… im happy to be of a help. 🙂

  3. Elvis N Yoona says:

    i need summary of catch us if you can chapter 26,27,28,29 can you do for me?

  4. dear teacher, your background profile is too good to me, where can i get this?

  5. by the way, all of your notes help me on writing my essays.. thank you 🙂

    1. cikgu maia says:

      marks or your understanding of the questions? i am here now.

  6. Syafika says:

    Dear teacher. Can u give me an idea for write a character in the novel ‘the curse’

    1. cikgu maia says:

      u can refer to my new blog
      i have few samples there

  7. LILI says:

    Teacher, can you give me the notes of novel Sing To The Dawn? 🙂

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