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Tips to answer SPM 1119

1.Paper 1 

Section A – 35 marks.

Tips for Directed Writing SPM

 *Count how many points are already given.

Set how many more points you must come up with to get the total maximum marks of content

  • Details ; elaboration, examples, suggestions (depends on the requirement of the question)
  • If you are not proficient in English, write short but varied sentence structures  (passive,active,simple, compound etc.)
  • Use sequence and sentence connectors appropriately

You must spend 45 minutes or less because you need to spend time planning and writing your 2nd composition.

–  Write around 1 ½ pages only unless you have anough time to spare.

 Writing – the most important is your sentences must be correct. Subject verb agreement MUST be correct!! Check your plural & singular nouns, your tenses. Passive & active voice sentences, spelling & punctuation.

Section B – 50 marks


    • Correct sentences and variety of sentences determine your grade. You must write correct sentences before anything else.
    • Use correct punctuation, spelling and accurate choice of words.
    • Sophisticated sentences warrant merit before vocabulary.

If you are well read, choose factual essays. Good command of the language. If you are not sure, choose to write a story. Make sure it is 350 words or more (does not apply to section A). Be as original as you can because this is creative writing. Make the setting local and believeable.

B) Your writing must relate to the topic. A mere mention doesn’t count. Irrelevancy can cause you a lot to lose.


2. Paper 2 – questions 16-25 must be answered with specific answers, correct puntuation,spelling & grammatically correct – not a guessing game.

– questions 26 -30 (comprehension) answer according to paragraphs – which word means the question only want 1 word (no need to write in a sentence.)

– question 31 (summary) no marks for total lifting of continuous sentences – pick n choose wisely. Your summary must be in 130 words or less ( 125-130) *count each word. Use sequence/sentence connectors – however, therefore,next, later, furthermore……

– poem – answer based on the excerpt given – which line/phrase – rewrite the line/phrase (quote it).

– novel – you must state the title of the novel – include character, events, lesson learn/the importance – express your opinion

– must be written in paragraphs = the best 4 or more. ( no word limit) must be backed by evidence from the novel.



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